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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is Project PC?


Project PC is a group of passionate folks whose mission is to create media and educational materials to help create “Positive Change”. Through the production of media and educational material we hope to provide the knowledge to help spark “Positive Change.” We ultimately hope to empower people and be the inspiration that leads to action on a individual level, community level, city level, state level and national level.


Q. Why the six areas of focuses?


Project PC realized that just like in life one area of change does not constitute balance. The six area of focuses is Medical, Health, Patients, Human Rights, Environmental and Spiritual



This area is about documenting and educating with regards to medical information and research. We continue to interview doctors and health care providers.



This area is the heart of the areas. It is the stories that inspire us to make positive change. It is the stories of people who have already made positive changes in their lives and we wish to learn from them. Some of the stories make us cry. Some of the stories we are hoping for positive outcome for the patients. All of the stories help us see why positive change is needed.



We realized that Medical and health is not always connected. Health is nutrition, vitamin supplements and herbals.


Human Rights

Initially we called this are political. However we realized in the process of interviewing we realized that really the focus was on Human Rights. In this area videos will show what may seem political in nature. However the goal for Project PC is positive change and education in our retention and access to human rights.



All the areas are depended on our environment. Learning to about our environment and how to take care of it is very essential. Also we are highlighting new technologies and old methods that will help us improve our lives and make positive changes for our family and our neighbor.



Healing and making positive change is more than just about our medical care or our nutrition. This area is that part that is not health or medical. It is unique to everyone and everyone has their own path. We will be documenting some individuals paths and knowledge in this area. We can always learn from each other.



Q. Where does the money go to?


All the proceeds raised or donated goes straight to the cause. Currently we are working on printed materials for patient advocacy that will be donated to hospitals and Veteran Administrations. We have many other publications in the works that will

help us make positive change. Also we are always needing funding for video production. Project PC is possible by the generous donations and the people who volunteer that keep the mission moving forward.

Project PC

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