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Our Positive People Party on April 1st was a Great success! Thanks to all that came out. We are looking at the next dates for the next gatherings. Please check back for more information soon!

Positive People Party ~ No Fooling!

Let's kick spring into gear with a Positive People Party...

No Fooling!!!

April 1st


Things have been tough, let's have a little fun.

We had such a great time last year. Folks coming together to share food, drink, story's, and some laughs. Who knows what crazy games the crew will think up this year!


What do you need to know... we will have a costume contest. That's right, please dress up as someone that folks should know about, famous, history, the like. I hear there will be a Jester, the Easter Bunny, and maybe even a unicorn! Who will you or your young one come as?

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Project PC is possible because of the efforts of those who want to make real change, to make positive change. We are always looking for folks to help us, we are rapidly growing, we need a bunch of folks!!!


If you'd like to help us. Know of events, or maybe you have an event that you think we could help with, please send us a message. Together we can accomplish anything!


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