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Current Projects



Printed Education

Project PC is working on printed educational material. The current subjects of the printed material is patient advocacy (focus on parents

with children who are ill), PTSD, current cannabis laws and medical information.



Project PC has been conducting interviews with doctors and other professionals to obtain information to produce videos that will help educate in one of our six areas of focus. Please

visit our YouTube Channel to see these videos.


Helping Hands


As Project PC evolves we've continued our mission to help create the sparks of positive change we wish to see in this world. We are actively networking with other folks, with organizations, and nonprofits to assist each other in creating positive media, printed material, educational events, and presentations.


We are actively seeking partnership with other groups and individuals with the same passion and goals of positivity in this world. Please join us!


Current Projects

The Project PC video crew has been very busy going to events to document what is really happening within our state. Project PC hopes to further causes, other amazing organizations

and to expand people’s knowledge through our short videos.


Project PC

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We have several events in the works. Events including: hands on conference focused on education in the six areas of focus, patient advocacy groups and lectures.


Maddie's Story

Maddie is a 4 year old who has a rare genetic disorder that destroys the white matter in her brain. The video documents Maddie’s journey and her family’s journey learning how powerful cannabis is as a medicine and their struggle to effectively advocate for Maddie.