Several years in the making, all of our efforts have been from folks donating their time and funds knowing that we can make a different. Together we are strong. Please help us continue our mission and donate whatever you can. Every little bit will help us continue our mission to create the positivity we wish to see!

If you could donate even a few dollars or donate your time to help us; here are just a few of our goals;

1. First half of this year (2017) we've been working on human rights issues at our State Capitol in Olympia, WA. Although we are not a lobby organization, we do support any actions to create positive change in this world. Part of that is learning how our government works and how we can take positive steps/actions to help change things in a positive way. Our members have been affected by policies and legislation. They have taken on a grass roots effort to help in any way that we can. One of which is Meagan Holt, unless legislation is changed her daughter Maddie Holt cannot attend school, cannot have safe access to education, nor can River Barclay, and dozens of other children in our state. Therefore, Meagan, with the help of a few other advocates went to work on creating legislation to help change this. Each week we've spent countless hours contacting legislators, Senators, emailing, phone calling, traveling to our state capitol to meet with our officials. All of this not only takes a great amount of effort and time, it also takes a fair amount of money. We could use your support to continue these efforts. Follow our HB1060 bill page/link to see updated information. Also watch our main page for updates. We will have updates of how to learn from folks that know how it works and how we can participate in helping create the positive changes we wish to see.

2. A few years ago as Project PC evolved we made a commitment to do whatever we could to help our veterans. Our board members all have family that has served our country and some family that has paid the ultimate price. When we learned of the high rate of veteran suicide, we needed to do something to help change this and to one day stop this. We learned of the efforts and creation of an organization "Twenty22Many" formed in Olympia WA, created by Patrick Seifert. Project PC attended their very first get together a BBQ more than two years ago. We knew right away we could create videos helping promote their cause which is to promote PTSD and TBI awareness. The struggle is all to real. Much can be done to help. We are honored to be able to do every bit we can. We've created promotional videos for their events. We've been capturing stories from veterans that we want to share soon. We have been helping with a video series that we've been capturing a few times a month. The educational series brings folks in from all around to give presentations on various topics helping educate our veterans and community. We hope to continue our efforts supporting our veterans. Could you please donate to help us pay for the creation of this media?

3. We are very excited about the publication of our first Project PC advocacy book, years in the making. We've taken our life experiences dealing with health issues and compiled a list of way to help share what we've learn. We want to do this in several ways. First, we hope to fund the creation of a new website that will host tons of resources helping folks navigate this overwhelming topic. In our publications we will have supportive documentation and resource links. In a series of books that we will provide, our first focus is on the overwhelming and unthinkable situation that faces parents navigating how to help their medical fragile child. Meagan Holt, has worked tirelessly to share her experiences and what she and others have learned. We hope to raise the funds soon so we can get this book into Seattle Children's Hospital, as they expressed interest in adding this as a resource. We are reaching out to other hospitals as well.

Our next publication is a resource book for veterans. As with our work with Twenty22Many, we are working on the creation of information we feel could help guide folks through the medical system, the Veterans Administration Hospitals. We hope to have this book in all the VA Hospitals in Washington State by year's end. One day it is our hope that all hospitals will have a free resource book provided by Project PC.

4. Our founder/Director Michael Scott had spent many years in Television and Filmmaking, going back to the early 80's. In mid 2000 illness struck. After several years of life threatening illness Michael found alternative ways to heal, other than traditional western medicine and his journey begun! Once Michael began to heal, he went back to what he loved so very much, creating positive media. Michael has captured hundreds of hours of footage for Project PC from doctors, scientist, researchers, and patients. These videos captured information about health, politics and about the various categories of our Project PC mission. We will start editing this video into the different categories this year with the intent to create more than one full length documentary. During the year and going forward we will create many shorts highlights of what we've learned. To show what is truly unfolding in our world to inspire positive change.

5. Over a year ago we met Meagan Holt. Sadly our meeting was to document her daughter’s illness. Maddie is four year old who suffers from a terminal genetic disease known as Zellweger Syndrome. Amazingly cannabis has help Maddie deal with and virtually stopped her seizures. Every day was a challenge, never knowing if that day would be Maddie’s last. Over two year ago children's hospital had sent Maddie home saying she would be gone after only a few days. Meagan didn't give up. She searched for answers desperate for a way to save her daughter. Once cannabis medicine was introduced Maddie went eight days without a seizure. Gradually Maddie’s insurmountable conditions began to improve. So much has transpired and today Maddie is thriving. Not only is she off some 22 pharmaceuticals and regaining a much better quality of life; she is preparing to go to kindergarten later this year! Project PC followed Maddie and her mom’s journey; mesmerized as what was to unfold... We can't wait to share this amazing story, a story that just might change your perceptions about medicine, health care, about cannabis, and much more. We've captured most of what we need to share, we just need help with funds for editing and other post production cost. Please help us share this amazing story!

6. As Project PC traveled down this path of discovery we started reaching out to folks in every possible way, supporting other nonprofits and organizations focusing on positivity in this world. We've attending event/venues, creating positive people events, documenting the events with pictures and videos. Last year we had a presence not only in Washington State, but also Boston, Oregon, California, and Montana. Throughout the year you can meet up with us again throughout Washington State, Boston, Oregon, California, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Alaska, and Canada. Please watch for update on our calendar so you can meet up with us. Most locations we will have a booth where we will share what we've been learning. In fact many of the events/venues Michael and other PC members will give presentations. If you would like to help we are always looking for folks. We are looking for volunteers to help with our booths, helping with video production, and help with each part of our mission. Maybe you have a company that creates tee-shirts, makes signs or banners. What inspires you? Join us in whatever it is that you want to help change!

We are truly inspired to help create Positive Change in this world and hope that you will become part of the wave of change. Please email us if you want more information or want to give a helping hand. On the bottom of the page is a donation button and we are creating a crowd funding also with more of the details for funding. We've set up our Amazon Smile account where you can add us as your charity. You don't need to do anything, just buy items as you would normally and Amazon gives a little each month. We've been searching for businesses to help sponsor our activities and grants as well. One way or another we are doing this! One Team, One Dream!

With your support we will create Positive Change!